• Suitable for various fitness levels, increase the intensity at your own pace

  • Small groups in a non competitive, supportive & friendly environment

  • Focus is on fat-burning/interval/cardio (at your pace), core body strength and all over muscle toning

  • Fitness testing conducted twice a year

  • Boxing for fitness is incorporated into some of the classes, emphasis is on correct technique

  • If you are not getting the results you would like I can help or use the sessions to compliment your existing workout

  • Sessions run for 50 minutes (including warm up and cool down)


  • Personal Training sessions are for a more tailored program to achieve faster results, email to request rates

  • Try Personal Training with a friend, or to save more money organise a small group with your own session time

  • Gift vouchers are available

  • As much as we wanted to, Movement4Life is unable to provide child minding, any children brought to classes are the responsibility of the parent

  • Ask about the 30 minute Personal Training offer!!